So, I'm eSther



I'm Esther - a photography lover, details hunter, moments obsessive and a keen Prosecco enthusiast.  


I'm a huge fan of capturing the authentic story of the people I meet; getting to know you and learning about how you connect with the world and the people that you love. The authentic moments that depict your adventure can be so beautiful, and I make it my mission to capture them to give back to you, as a genuine story of your life - totally unique and yours.

My husband often comments (sometimes disapprovingly) that I 'always notice everything'... pretty handy skill to have as a photographer!  And I've honed this skill to zone in on the tiniest of details of a wedding, spot the most intricate glances between people, pre-empt when that perfect moment is going to happen... and hunt down elusive hidden Christmas presents.

I've been in love with photography for a real long time, having spent hours in a dark room in college, playing with exposures and stinking of wee (that's the photography chemicals, not me!).  Over the last eighteen years my passion for capturing moments has grown into an obsession.  I love photographing humans, nature, events, weddings, architecture - there's no limit and I'm so lucky to do something that I love! Not to toot my own horn but I even won some awards for my nature photography (two winning photos in 2017's biggest open photo competition in the WORLD! Cewe Photoworld 'Our World Is Beautiful').  I just love capturing the beautiful details of life through a lens, even if it's on my iPhone, which currently has

16,577 photos on it...


Alongside this passion I have a day job managing events for a university, I'm married to a guy who I quite like most of the time, and together we're navigating the ever changing landscape of parenting our little five year old. I'm also dedicated to living mindfully so I like to get my meditation on regularly and live a life of calm (wherever possible).

So, why should you book me?  Because photographing your life is a big deal, and I totally get that.  I am genuinely interested in learning about you and I want to capture the precious moments in your life, so you have your story to treasure forever.  And also, I am a seriously calm person to have around.  When you and/or your other half are experiencing wedding or photo nerves, I love nothing more than being able to calmly help you relax into every moment, so you can enjoy your incredible day.  My lovely couples say time and time again that I put them at ease - and that's such an honour.

So, let's do this!


Wow!!  What can I say?!  Esther you are amazing.  You made our day so special and the photos you took are unbelievable.  You made everyone feel so comfortable, helped me through my stressful moments and captured so many naturally beautiful images of everyone! 

I cannot say thank you enough!

Jade & Craig

Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer


Esther Louise Triffitt Photography