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The adventure begins

Your wedding story begins the moment you say 'yes'.  From that blissful moment on, you begin writing the narrative for your completely unique adventure to saying 'I do'.

Celebrating this first step; your wonderful intention to spend your lives together is a exciting step in your adventure.  I offer engagement shoots to all my couples, as an opportunity to capture this part of your story too.

For our engagement shoot we will meet somewhere beautiful and start with a chat all about your story so far.  I love to get to know you, find out what makes your heart beat faster, emerse myself in your engagement story and all your beautiful plans for your wedding day.  I use this time to put you at ease, to continue to build our relationship and to allow myself even more time to fall head over heels in love with you both.

We'll then go off adventuring.  We'll walk, talk, pause - and there will be a lot of kissing!  I do love having a good excuse to shoot couples snogging, so expect lots of attention from your other half during this time!  During this time I'll be cracking lame jokes, talking shit and learning all about how you interact together.  I'll suggest a few 'poses' and we'll see how they feel.  I learn so much about you through this time and I can bring this knowledge to your wedding day.  In return you get chance to experience what it's like to have someone trailing you with a camera and  realise it's absolutely no where near as bad as you feared.  You'll leave feeling like rock stars, full of confidence and with aching jaws from laughing.  

And the icing on the cake?  You then get a load of gorgeous photos to remember this awesome adventure and can treasure them forever.


Esther, these photos.  Wow.  I literally cannot cope!!!  We can't stop looking through them.  You've made our wedding!  They are just so so beautiful honestly.  There's one of me hugging my Grandad and it made me cry!  We cannot believe how you captured our day.  We honestly cannot thank you enoughh - they are so much more than what we could have hoped for.

Megan & Lewis

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