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Esther Louise Triffitt Photography


Choosing your wedding photographer is a big deal.  You need someone you can trust, someone who will make you and your partner feel like you can be yourselves, someone who will understand what your vision is for your special day and love every minute.  And you need to love their style. 


There are so many incredible wedding photographers out there and I'm really proud to be a part of a great community of creatives who support and challenge each other to be the best we can be.  Wedding photography these days is amazing.  It's not just about whether someone can line up a stunning shot, or understand how lighting can make for a perfect picture.  You are choosing your photographer because you're buying into their style.  We each see the world in different ways, and thanks to the amazing capacity of software editing we can apply our style to what we capture.  Some photographer's styles are dark and moody, others are light and airy, and there's everything in-between!  We can all edit the exact same photograph a limitless amount of different ways, to create a completely different look depending on our style.  When choosing a photographer you are also choosing their style, so it's really important that you love it!

Feel free to have a roam around my gallery below to get a picture of what my style is like, and when you decide you've just got to have it - get in touch!